How to Unblock Facebook in Australia

While the Internet is a free place and open to all, it’s not always true. The open Internet no longer exists. The mighty Internet is censored and even blocked at places.

And one of the services is Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social media service in the world. Almost everyone on the Internet has at least one account on Facebook.

Unblock Facebook in AustraliaI said at least one because many of us have more than one. You don’t have any fake IDs, right? None of my concern, I won’t report you. I am here to help you get Facebook unblocked at school or your office.

How to unblock Facebook?

Government officials block Facebook access for many different reasons ranging from political to religious reasons. Malicious entities spread hate on Facebook quite often, and it’s in people’s interest to have it blocked.

Then, Facebook also is a cause of distraction. Everyone has an urge to keep checking it at regular intervals and thus, the school or office administration blocs it to get people concentrate on their work or studies.

But Facebook also proves useful at times and the most reliable way to get Facebook login unblocked at school and office is to use the best VPN for Facebook.

Unblock Facebook with VPN

A VPN service hides your IP address and encrypts your traffic. It routes the traffic through one of its servers which you choose to connect.

VPN unblock FacebookThus, the service provider or network administrator can’t block the access. For example, if you select a server in the US, you are virtually somewhere in the US, not in your office in Australia.

And you can access even other blocked services with an active VPN service. Not only a VPN gives you unrestricted access, but it also gives you a private experience.

You can chat, make friends, discuss business on Facebook and the trackers can’t link it to your IP address. The encryption offered by VPN ensures the privacy.

And with the best Facebook unblocker VPN, I don’t mean to ask you to use Facebook’s Onavo VPN app. Why?

What’s Onavo VPN?

You may have noticed the “Protect” option in your Facebook app – Android or iOS. When you select it, the app store opens showing the Onavo Protect app page. Yes, Facebook wants you to use a VPN and browse Internet securely, but there’s a catch.

Although Onavo is a free and secured VPN software, Facebook owns it now. Onavo does its job as a VPN provider.

Onavo VPNIt hides your IP address, encrypts your data and tunnels it through its servers – Facebook servers. Onavo has all the data your device sends or receives over the Internet when connected to its servers.

Thus, Facebook can track what you are doing on the other apps. Facebook already knows a lot about you while you use its service but to track you on other apps, Onavo Protect proves to be very helpful.

When you agree and enable the permissions needed by Onavo Protect, you allow it to collect info about your device. It knows your location, the apps you use, your browsing activity and the amount of data.

According to Onavo, “This helps us improve and operate the Onavo service by analysing your use of websites, apps and data.

Because we’re part of Facebook, we also use this info to improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences.”

Do you think that’s what a VPN does? Certainly not. Then, which one is the best Australia VPN for Facebook?

Best Facebook VPN in Australia

When you need a reliable VPN service, it’s ExpressVPN. Check our ExpressVPN review to know why I say so.Facebook and ExpressVPN

It offers the best-in-class security, has servers in 100+ countries and doesn’t affect your transfer speed – only a little. However, unlike Onavo, ExpressVPN is a paid service. But it’s effective in ensuring your privacy.

Another paid VPN service to consider is Nord VPN. Like the ExpressVPN mentioned above, NordVPN too works towards your privacy.

Both the service providers maintain minimal records but nothing about your browsing history. They come under the so-called category of “no logs VPN”.

Both these services work well and should be considered if you want Facebook to not hack into your daily life.

ExpressVPN, as well as NordVPN, supports almost any device you would use to browse your Facebook account. So, you can be sure that you are under a safe umbrella, wherever you are.

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