What is Couch Tuner and How to Access Safely in Australia

Couch-tuner is a video streaming website that offers the latest episodes of the popular TV shows for free. With couchtuner, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Flash and many other premium shows are available at one place.

Whatever your favourite show is, they stream it, all seasons, all episodes, without asking for a penny. It’s easy to use, and you don’t even need to register.

WARNING: Do not Access Couch Tuner without a VPN

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  2. Connect to a US Server
  3. Head to Couch Tuner and Watch Unlimited TV Show and Movies without leaving any tracking data!

Is Couchtuner legit?

Do you think it is? Well, no. Couch tuner is a pirate website and the media content it streams, is illegal, and it is blocked in Australia and many other countries. But they have made a comeback many times.

The service which started as a.COM website soon had country-specific domains like.FR and .AG. After changing many domains, it worked under the couchtuner.bz domain before it was shut down. But it is up and working again as www.couchtuner.onl.

With so much on offer and that too for free, there arises the next question.

Couch Tuner in Autralia

Couchtuner has it all

Is Couchtuner safe?

Although they host all the contents themselves, their organization is weak. You may have to go through a lot of searching (and ads) before getting to the right episode.

Many people use couchtuner to watch the shows without paying for them and to manage the cost, these ads are there. While couch tuner is safe, the ads may not be.

Couchtuner safeThere have been reports of users’ PC getting infected by malware while streaming from coachtuner.
The actual video content is safe but does not click on the ads. With a little amount of precaution, you can save yourself from the stress of cleaning out the PC.

While there is no official couchtuner TV app for mobile, there are many others which borrow their stream from couch-tuner.

Australian meta data laws

With the Metadata Retention Bill approved, the telecommunication companies and also, the ISPs have to keep all the communication data passing through them.

They won’t keep the contents but only the technical information, the metadata, of the sender and the receiver, both.

This information includes:

1. Information that identifies the senders and the receivers.
2. Information about the source of the communication.
3. Information about the destination of the communication.
4. Date, time and the duration of the communication.
5. The mode of the communication.
6. The physical location.

Use Couchtuner with a VPN

That’s quite a large amount of information government collects and given the legality issues with couchtuner VPN isCouchtuner with a VPN a must.

While getting on-demand video streaming for free sounds attractive, you may have to face legal actions. To avoid this use ExpressVPN, the best paid VPN available. The users who have given ExpressVPN review, recommend it for streaming purposes.

Not only a VPN server encrypts the web traffic coming in and going out of your device, but it also geo-locates it. You will get couchtuner services as if you are in a different country.

With the robust encryption system of ExpressVPN, no one can know you are streaming from couch tuner. And it doesn’t keep any logs. Also, ExpressVPN doesn’t fall under the Australian jurisdiction.

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