Best Browser for Android

Best Browser for Android

On mobiles, we browse the web more than anything. We take an in-depth look to find the best browser for Android in 2019 to stay safe and secure.

Watch Suits Online

How to Watch Suits Online

While there has been a shakeup in the Suits cast, with individual members leaving for prior Royal engagements, the show still soldiers on delivering primetime viewing. While there now 8 seasons of Suits done and dusted, it is time for viewers to take the opportunity to catch back up on the backstories and episodes before …

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Incognito mode of browers

How to Go Incognito Online

There is a need for everyone to keep some browsing habits private, this can be as much from work colleagues, family members or to reduce online threats. As a result, most browsers now include some form of private browsing mode which leaves no traces for anyone to see. Here, we will take a look at …

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