How to Install Cartoon Crazy on Kodi

When it comes to Kodi, not all Australian parents need to have all the fun. There are many great cartoon add-ons for Kodi, but there is no doubt pretty much all of us love watching cartoons of one form or another.

We need to find the best cartoon add-ons for Kodi, which is what we will show here.

Cartoon Crazy on KodiLike other forms of content, a lot of what you can access through Kodi add-ons is geo-blocked (depending on streaming site), and also, they could be infringing on copyright issues.

With just these two reasons alone, we advise using one of the best VPN service providers. We will explain this soon, which is the best-recommended VPN for Australian users in general, not only for Kodi.

What is Cartoon Crazy

This is a new add-on that gets content from many of the best cartoon and anime websites around the internet.

It also comes with a 24/7 channels section and makes excellent viewing by children and adults alike.

This add-on also comes with a website, and due to clampdowns, the URL might change, but most of it will consist of Cartoon This has lots of content and shows a vast majority of Cartoon Crazy anime dubbed shows.

Cartoon Crazy Repo

SpinzTV repositoryThe well renowned SpinzTV repository is home to the Cartoon Crazy add-on, so you know it comes from a reputable source.

Installation Steps for Cartoon Crazy Add-on

  1. Open your Kodi app and click on Settings on the main menu.
  2. Now click on the File Manager option at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Add-Source option at the left side of the window
  4. Click on the address bar, which says. Enter the URL (exactly) and then click Ok.
  5. Navigate back to your home screen and open the Add-ons menu.
  6. Click on the Box icon in the left top corner of the screen.
  7. Click the Install From Zip File.
  8. Click Spinz > Click on> You will need to wait for the installation successful notification box to appear.
  9. On the Install from repository option and then > Click on SpinzTv Repo > Open Video Add-ons > Select SpinzCartoon Crazy > and finally click on install.

Installing Cartoon Crazy on KodiWhen you receive the confirmation pop-up box, you can navigate to the add-ons menu, and the Cartoon Crazy anime add-on will be there with all your others.

Installing Kodi Cartoon Crazy on a Fire Stick

Cartoon Crazy can be used on Fire Stick, but it will require Kodi to be installed. Follow the guide to Install Cartoon Crazy on Fire Stick.

  • Launch Kodi app on Fire Stick
  • Navigate to Open Developer Options > Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.

Now refer to the above previous procedure for installing Cartoon Crazy on Kodi krypton V17.

There is no difference in the procedure. So even on the Amazon FireStick, you can install the best Kodi anime add-ons.

Spinz TV on fire is also available, so like other platforms, you are well supported.

Cartoon Crazy Kodi Not Working

If you find the Cartoon Crazy add-on not working, it could be any of the following issues:

  • Not Loading – this can be fixed by re-installing the add-on so you can watch cartoon crazy.
  • No Streams Available – This is a common add-on error and can occur with a full cache. To fix, clear the cache.
  • Failed to Install Dependency – This occurs if the add-on source is shut down. To fix, use a reliable source that is up to date.

If you find Cartoon Crazy is not working because of a Kodi add-on clampdown, you can check out one of the other best cartoon add-ons available for any platform or Kodi box where it is installed. (Learn How Do I Update My Kodi Repository)

This is the Cartoon 8 Kodi add-on, which has just received an update, so it is still working and is packed full of cartoon mayhem for anyone’s pleasure.

Now is the part where you need to make sure you can access all this free content without anyone snooping on what you’re watching and keeping logs of your viewing habits.

VPN for KodiAustralian ISP’s do this without needing your permission and can hand over records, resulting in copyright infringement notices being handed out.

Even with children watching, they won’t know what’s legal and what isn’t.

Any home is advised to use a VPN to prevent snoopers and prevent and secure your connection from hackers, etc.

ExpressVPN for Kodi is the world’s number one for support in Australia and contains numerous features to make sure an internet connection is as private and secure as it can be. Even for beginners, it is super easy to use, and even a child could operate it.

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