Top 6 Torrent Sites for 2021

Much happened in the torrent world in 2018 and 2019. Some of the best torrenting sites went down, and the other famous movie torrent sites may have the same fate sometime soon.

Top Torrent Sites for 2018With the sad demise of everyone’s favourite KickAss torrents and Torrentz, let’s see the top torrent sites which have made their way into 2018. But first, why are the authorities against these sites?

Why are the torrent sites blocked?

Is torrenting illegal? No. Downloading through torrents is legal but what’s happening in the current scenario is that torrent sites blockedpeople use it to download copyrighted substance. Torrenting is a P2P (peer-to-peer) process used to distribute large amounts of data.

The BitTorrent protocol used in the process helps a user in getting the required files from multiple users. It reduces the load on servers.

Many companies distribute their files through the BitTorrent protocol, and it’s entirely legal. But, the popular torrent sites host and link users to files containing copyrighted data such as movies and premium software packages.

Thus, the increasing number of copyright claims forced the authorities to take action against them. So, the ISPs block access to these sites. And many are getting down due to lack of traffic.

Let’s see the top alternative torrent sites we have.

1. The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay Torrent site

In spite of rounds of blocking and complete shutdown, TPB is available at your service for years. It is the oldest one available but worked under different domain names in the recent years, and is now available in its original form, i.e.

With a massive number of torrents indexed by it, it is quite popular among the masses. Clone websites of TPB crop up at regular intervals and there already are many, so be sure to check which site you are using.

2. RarBG

While the website is easy-to-use, it hasn’t been in the mainstream until now. Because of the users providing regular feedback on the files, the site maintains a catalogue of high-quality torrents. And this has made it a favourite among the video lovers.


EZTV is made by people who release their torrent files. They don’t have an enormous collection, but you can find all the favourite movies and shows here.

The team is regular in updating the available content, and you can see it updated almost every day. The content is available in high quality and thus is very popular among its users.

4. YTS.agYTS previously YIFY

Although similar to the YTS’s collection of torrents, this is not its reincarnation. Users went to YTS (previously YIFY) for its high-quality movie torrents, and same is available with It has a clean interface and has a huge collection of movies.

You can download those in the quality you want, and they are available in low to high resolution and also 3D.

5. 1337x

1337x has been in the space for quite some time now but gained widespread popularity after the popular torrent sites went down. They have a useful index of movies and TV shows, and you can also find here, the games and software packages you want.

They list the popular files which can aid in deciding which one to download, but you also get ads. And these are a bit more than what you get on other sites.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle is a new entrant in this torrenting world, but it doesn’t look like so. The interface looks great, and it has all the movies and shows put into categories for easy access.

It makes some verification and classifies the available files into different quality for you to choose from. Also, there aren’t any ads or those annoying pop-ups.

Well, that’s the list but how to download by torrents when most of the torrent sites are blocked. Let’s see.

How to bypass torrent block?

It’s not a difficult task to get around this blocking. With the help of the best VPN service, you can enjoy the magic of torrents again.

unblock torrent by VPNThe authorities have blocked access to the torrent sites and not the technology used during torrenting. Confused? Let’s simplify this.

The .torrent files which you download from these websites use the P2P BitTorrent protocol to give you access to the videos/applications you want. T
hese videos or software files are present with different users instead of a server. And the .torrent files contain trackers to help you get all the pieces of the files and sync them with each other.

So, all you need is getting to open one of the torrent websites mentioned above and download the respective .torrent files. And a VPN service like ExpressVPN helps you to achieve this.

VPNs and torrents

Whenever a new site comes under the ban, many mirror sites begin appearing. They have a similar interface and catalogue, but they may not be safe.

There also are proxy sites helping you in accessing the banned torrent sites, but they aren’t always reliable.

But with ExpressVPN, you can fake your IP address and open your favourite site every time you want, and it’s secure.

You will have to connect to a VPN server somewhere outside Australia, in a country where the site is still working without any restriction. Once you connect to the server, the server encrypts the connection and gives your device an IP address of that country.

Now you appear to be in, say, the US and download the required files as you normally would.

Also, because of the encryption, the ISP or any other government agency can’t know what you are doing online.

ExpressVPN for TorrentSo, along with access to blocked services you also get privacy. Unlike many others, ExpressVPN supports the BitTorrent protocol and also has one of the most reliable encryption systems.

Another favourite tool to bypass the restriction is Smart DNS, but you won’t get the benefit of anonymity with it.

There is Tor browser to give you an anonymous browsing experience, but they are a lot slower because of the encryption systems they use. So, ExpressVPN is the best and most trusted way to get you into the world of torrent again.

Use of a VPN service is even more beneficial in the light of the recent introduction of metadata laws.

Because of the encryption, your service provider won’t have much information to store about your communications. And you will be happy to know that VPN providers don’t keep logs to ensure privacy.

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