The 6 Best Torrent Clients for 2021

Torrenting and P2P file sharing get a bad rap from the media and governing bodies because of their use in piracy and downloading content that is copyright protected.

The actual clients used for this are actually innocent bits of software that are in themselves not illegal.

There is a vast amount of content on the internet that is free to download using the BitTorrent method, so tarring everything with the same brush is a little unfair.

Even torrent sites are now saying they only offer torrent search facilities with no hosting as a means of self-protection.

No matter what content you download, whether legal or illegal, ISP’s will see you are using torrents. With data retention, you can also be included under the torrent piracy umbrella.

Before the reviews, here are some important factors to consider when using the best torrent software because a few streaming sites are also using this technology to deliver streaming content.

  • ISP’s can see everything you look at and stream on the web
  • ISP’s are legally allowed to pass on information about what you view
  • ISP’s don’t want to face the wrath of any government or lawsuits, so they will pass on user data with no question as a means of protecting themselves.

Top Torrent Clients

Here are 6 of the best torrent clients you can use, and after their review, we will show you how you can download torrents without being cast under a gloomy piracy shadow.



This torrent client has been at the top of many recommended torrent client lists over the years, but now it has started to lose place because ads are bloated.

It was once the leading lightweight torrent client, but others have eroded its market share. If the ads were not enough to contend with, back in 2015, when users came to download uTorrent, they found it came bundled with ‘Epic Scale’, a crypto mining software and ran in the background. Although this has since been removed, it still shows the way the developers are working.


  • Small size
  • You can also create your own torrent files
  • Scheduling function
  • Lots of available plugins
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android


  • Too many ads
  • No search function
  • The possibility of unwanted bundled software


This torrent client is straightforward to use and has an uncluttered user interface which makes it easy for new users.

It is not as well known among users, but it is slowly making headway up the rankings as one of the best torrent applications.

The software can be integrated into Firefox and Chrome, which makes things more accessible, and unlike other clients, there is no bundled software. Features include the scheduling of torrents and batch names if desired.

Totally free and open-source software. Once downloaded, the app does need users to allow the app through the Windows firewall manually.


  • Simple interface
  • Torrent scheduling
  • Browser integration
  • Light on system resources
  • Cross-platform support


  • Not a vast range of plugins is available
  • The interface can appear basic


Users might not find as many clients available when looking to download Mac torrents, but Transmission is head and shoulders above the others.

Some of the other clients also fall foul to continual Apple updates, but luckily, this client isn’t one of them.

The app is lightweight and doesn’t tax your Mac, and it requires minimal configuration to get it up and run. For a Mac, it is as close as you get to be like windows ‘Plug and Play.’

While it runs perfect on Mac and Linux, the Window client isn’t as full-featured.

The client was also one of the first to offer full support for magnet links and create torrents compatible with other client software. Be sure you are running version 2.92 or later because of malware infections.


  • Lightweight and a simple interface
  • Ideal for torrent downloaders without the need for added functions
  • Additional details on downloading files


  • Basic feature set and lacks advanced features
  • It still contains ads, although not too many
  • Versions earlier than 2.9 contained malware


This is another early player in the torrent client market. It contains no ads of any sort, but it can come with unwanted software that is installed.

The app does allow you to download the first and last parts of a file. This will enable you to preview the quality beforehand.

There is also an included IE window that allows the searching of torrents directly from the app. This, though, has gone past its best usage scenario with the introduction of more magnet URL’s.

It also comes with a built-in flash media player, so you have media playback of Flash files.

BitComet has had some legal issues with FileHippo, but on the whole, it is a reliable torrent downloading the application.


  • Easy to use and clean interface
  • Antivirus can scan every download
  • Can easily create torrent files
  • No ads


  • No built-in browser search engine to find torrents
  • Only supports Windows operating systems
  • Changes to a computer can be made during setup


This software used to go by the name of Azureus and is still free to use app for torrent downloads.

When you make a Vuze download, you are given the option to configure a few settings, and for new users, this can be a blessing because it is all explained clearly.

Vuze also comes with a premium option, as well as the free version. This allows users to access torrent bundles, has magnet support, playing media files and remote control through their mobile app.

The premium version removes ads, can view media files during downloads, and has built-in antivirus protection.
This app comes with a Vuze toolbar, and because it is branded, it is classed as adware.


  • A wide range of available plugins
  • Social media features built-in
  • Mobile app control
  • Supports macOS, Linux and Windows


  • Resource Hungry
  • Ads in the free app
  • No Android support


BitLord is ad-supported and is available on Windows and Mac. It was created from a fork of Bit Comet and now includes features not found in other torrent downloading programs.

VLC is built in so you can watch videos inside the app. There is subtitle support and also a torrent search option.

You can also read or write comments on download files, as well as an RSS reader for following the best torrent sites. One other nifty feature is Airplay, so you can watch it on your Apple TV as you download it. (Read How to Clean Up Your Computer)

This, on paper, could make it the best torrent app, but it is closed source and delivers too many ads to make it an option over other torrent software.


  • Small file size and light on resources
  • Clear and easy to navigate interface
  • Can open magnet or torrent links
  • Share files or folders with other users
  • Offers password protection


  • Need to disable antivirus during installation – flagged as harmful
  • Can install unwanted software

Using a VPN for Torrenting

It doesn’t matter which torrent clients for Windows you use or for any other platform. It would be best if you hid what you are doing while online.

There is too much attention from many areas of users who are downloading free torrents. These are the next steps these agencies will take because they cannot successfully stop the torrent sites. As soon as one is shut down, another two replace it, so going for the users is easier.

All VPN’s though, are not equal, and this is more the case when it comes to Australia. Many VPN providers don’t have a large enough network to support such a remote location.

One of the best VPN’s for this region is NordVPN. They have a substantial network of VPN servers.

The provider delivers top of class encryption and security as well as offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. This, however, according to user reports, isn’t the fastest to be refunded.

Additionally, this VPN provider suffers from download speeds on some servers, affecting a torrenting experience depending on which country you connect your server to.

The next option is ExpressVPN which is rated as the number one and tops Nord in many reviews while offering many of the same features plus more.

However, they have optimized servers for downloading torrents, so you are guaranteed the best torrenting experience that is safe and secure from any prying eyes, including ISP’s.

With military-grade encryption, you have the knowledge no one can track what you are doing.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with no questions, you can quickly test this VPN for free before making your mind up.

The service you get from Express is industry-leading, and you will find it is the best VPN for torrenting in Australia or any other country around the world.

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