7 Must-Have Apps to Protect Your Privacy Online

When you look for security software for the iPhone, it’s not the same thing as security measures you need for your PCs or other smartphones. The design of iOS is very different from, say, Windows and is more secure, and there isn’t much need for iPhone security apps.

iOS Apps to Protect Your Privacy Online

But yes, data theft (or even phone theft) is always a possibility. Following are some tips you can follow:

1. Set a Passcode –

It’s always good to have some security habit while it’s still safe. You can be sure then that the data is safe if your iPhone is ever stolen. And the easiest of the ways is to turn on iPhone’s built-in Passcode security. You can also set one with Find my iPhone.

2. Enable Find my iPhone –

The Find My iPhone feature takes help from the phone’s built-in GPS to locate it on a map. This free service from iCloud is an excellent tool to find lost devices and can track the phone to its current location.

3. Don’t Jailbreak your iPhone –

Apple has designed iOS keeping security in mind, and iPhones don’t get much affected by viruses and threats common to other platforms. But this isn’t the case if the iPhone is jailbroken.
People get attracted to the customisation options they get after jailbreaking. Those, though, lucrative were rejected by the App Store because of some reasons. And if security is your prime concern, stay away from jailbreaks.

Now that you have your iPhone secured, let’s proceed to safeguard your privacy online. Not all mobile security apps do the things they intend to do. So, before downloading any iOS security app, be sure to make a thorough check.

We live much of our lives online, and Apple has built-in useful security features, but nothing’s perfect. There are times when law enforcement agencies wanted a bypass to the encryption system. If Apple ever designs one for them, government (and also unauthorised persons) gets full access to your private life. So, we provide here some of the best iPhone privacy apps from 3rd party developers:


The first step to privacy is to use a VPN while you are online. A Virtual Private Network routes the Internet traffic through a secured tunnel encrypted by the VPN server. The network is safe from surveillance, and all your ISP (or thieves) can see is encrypted data packets from the VPN server.

With a robust encryption system and a reliable service, ExpressVPN is the best VPN provider. Pay them, subscribe to their service and download the ExpressVPN app. You can get connected quickly with its easy-to-use interface and never have to worry about digital privacy. Also, use Private Browsing on Safari. While in Private Browsing mode, Safari does not store and track the browsing history.


Eavesdropping on the conversations is one of the worst threats to privacy and can leak a lot of useful information if they aren’t encrypted. Apple’s iMessage is a great chat app with end-to-end encryption. But if you want one from a 3rd party, Wire is the best iPhone security app when it comes to conversations.

Besides encrypted voice calls, Wire also offers end-to-end encryption for text messages, video calls, photos, etc. on its secure messaging app. The content is encrypted on the sender’s device and decrypted on the receiver’s. The company doesn’t have the keys and your data.


This is another iPhone encryption application that offers free and secure, end-to-end encryption for text messages, group chats and calls (both voice and video). Everything you send, even the files, is encrypted, and no one can intercept to check what you’re sending.

Nothing unique, isn’t it? Well, the best thing is the Signal’s code which is open source, and the development is done with the help of donations. The servers don’t even store metadata, and nothing is collected (for advertisements).


The app provides a range of secure communications services. The features of this messenger app include sharing videos and photos, voice messages, and send encrypted files, that too, with an expiration date.

Although law enforcement agencies can get their hands on the encrypted data, their multi-layer p2p encryption system ensures your privacy is not invaded.


This app works like that of Apple’s Find My iPhone service. Using LookOut, you can locate your iPhone from any internet-connected device and also backup your contacts. It also looks out for apps with suspicious activities and with the premium service, you can get protection from identity – theft and helps you deal with any suspicious activities and data breaches.

It can also set out the alarm remotely. This comes handy if the phone is misplaced, somewhere nearby.


Yes, you should keep complex passwords to keep the accounts secure. Also, you shouldn’t use the same password for different accounts. But, can you remember them all? 1Password makes sure you don’t have to.

With this app, you can generate complex passwords and manage all of them. All you need to remember is a ‘master’ password for this password manager’s vault.

ProtonMailproton mail

The first thing that the government tries hands-on is your communications. Encryption is the key to keep them away. While there are some encrypted chat apps, there aren’t such options for email.

ProtonMail is a good option, but as the chat apps, it is only helpful if the sender and receiver, both use it. It supports p2p encryption and is easy-to-use.

If the recipient doesn’t have it, the communications are at risk, and it’s better to avoid sending essential messages through emails. You can, however, send password-protected, encrypted messages to other email addresses.

That’s all of it.

You might be wondering why we haven’t mentioned anything about the best antivirus for iPhone. It’s because there is no need for antivirus apps on the iPhone. The App Store filters away most of the malicious apps and also those which requires full system scanning.

Even if you want to use antivirus software, it will have limited capability. This security, though, is void if you jailbreak.

Another precaution to take is not to keep the social networking apps signed into your account. This will keep your accounts safe in case of unauthorised access.

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