How to Safely Watch 123Movies in Australia

All those who have ever wanted to watch movies for free must have come across 123Movies. A one-stop place for the movie buffs and fans of American TV, 123 movies is a streaming site.

It does have an extensive collection but hosts nothing of it. It embeds the videos onto its site from various sites.

Every movie and show can be found easily with the well-designed categorization.

Watch 123Movies in Australia safely

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Is 123Movies legal

With so much on offer and that too without a fee, the question of the legality of 123movies arises every now and then. And yes, you have guessed it right! 123movies is unclear about whether it is legal and this is one of the reason behind 123Movies not working at times.

Governments allow the ISPs – Internet Service Providers – to take measures against the sites which promote piracy. And ISPs block access to those sites when it comes to their knowledge.

So, how to know if a website is legal or not. You can’t tell this with the look and feel of it. The rule of thumb is that if the website is providing paid contents for free, it’s streaming from pirate channels.

Get 123Movies unblocked with a VPN

Everyone knows the torrent sites for their naughtiness and the reason why government blocks them. The same 123Movies unblocked with a VPNhappens with the illegal streaming sites such as 123Movies. And it is one of the many in the list of sites blocked in Australia.

This list is growing with each passing day, and the best way to bypass this restriction is to use a VPN. The top VPN in Australia, as of now, is ExpressVPN review of which have been quite positive by the users.

Once you get connected to a VPN server in the US, for example, it hides your IP address and provides you with an address of the US. This way you can get unrestricted access to 123Movies and can stream as much as you want.

The server also encrypts the network data. This prevents the ISP from spying on you and thus, guarantees privacy.

As the traffic, as well as the encryption data, comes from a distant server in the US, this affects the internet speed quite a lot. ExpressVPN, though, provides you with the highest speed possible and has a strong encryption system.

Many do receive notices, but no one has been punished yet for streaming from pirated sites but why take a chance. Get ExpressVPN and privatize your browsing.

How to download from 123Movies

Now that you got a safe way to stream from 123 movies, you can carry on endless streaming. But what to do when you want to view the contents offline.

123Movies how to download movies

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With the website, you can only see the video streaming, not save it. But 123Movies does have an app for you to download and watch the contents later, offline.

The app is as easy as the web version and the download start with a single click. And that too for free (but not legal, ok?).

So, you should use ExpressVPN on your mobile device too. Not to worry, ExpressVPN can run on 3 of your devices at a time.

P.S. 123Movies is now GoMovies.

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